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G & B Granite of St. Tammany, LLC
G & B Granite of St. Tammany, LLC

G & B was founded in 2000 by Lou Bilac to serve the funeral and memorial needs of the community.  Since 1988, Lou has been designing, selling, and installing monuments, tombs, markers, personal mausoleum and anything to do with memorializing the loss of loved ones.  Being an independent business owner, he has the freedom to  shop pricing and try to get the best value for clients.

G & B services all cemeteries in Southeast Louisiana.

We also have access to the best bronze products at reasonable prices.  The better the foundation under the monument, tomb, grave ledge, or marker, the less likely the memorial will have to be reset in the future.  We have experts who have 15-20 years of experience in installing monuments, tombs, ledgers (grave covers) and similar products.

G & B has experience in burial vaults, above and below ground utilizing a variety of materials.  We can properly advise clients on the proper type vault to use and the type of memorial or monument to be placed on or near an existing vault.

Repairing and cleaning of old tombs, proper cleaning and refurbishing of headstones, replacing rocks, cementing over copings and grave sites are additional services  G & B provides in a professional manner. 

For all your cemetery, monument, bronze plaques (cemetery or commercial) pet markers, benches, cremation burial needs and urns, contact G & B.  We provide services in all cemeteries in South Louisiana and in some parts of Mississippi.  We are also associated and representatives for Eternal Rest Cemetery next to Bagnell Funeral Home on Lee Road, north of Covington.

G & B, through our association with Eternal Rest Cemetery, makes it possible for you to have your own private mausoleum from two to several crypts for you and your family with complete privacy in the Eternal Rest Cemetery on Lee Road in Covington.

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