Pre-Planning Services

A pre-planned funeral consists of two steps: Pre-arranging (making the decisions on funeral services) and selecting the method of pre-paying the funeral which guarantees the goods and services provided by the funeral home at today’s costs.

Pre-arranging is sitting with a pre-need funeral counseler and making the selections of what type of funeral services, casket and religious services you wish to have.  This is a wise decision because it doesn’t leave the emotional burden of so many decisions on the spouse or other family members.There is no charge or fee for a counseler to assist you with your selections. 

 The first benefit to pre-paying for a funeral is that it guarantees the price of the services and casket.  No matter how much prices rise in the future, the family cannot be charged any additional fees for services already paid for.

The second benefit to pre-paying is that financial arrangements can be made so that the monthly payments can fit one’s budget, or a single premium can be arranged at a reduced price.



As with any funeral arrangements, the type and choice of services is left to you and your family.  One choice many are considering today is cremation.  For additional information about cremation services and a discussion of various options, click here.

G & B Granite of St. Tammany, LLC
G & B Granite of St. Tammany, LLC

Individuals who have not made funeral arrangements ahead of time face countless, expensive decisions when there is a death in the family.  Too often, family members making sudden arrangements fall victim to emotional overspending.  Planning ahead before the need makes so much more sense.

Our program is the simple and easy way to solve the problem of making arrangements long in advance of the need.

Today, more people than ever are planning ahead for funeral arrangements.  You choose the options and services you want, and simply fund it through easy monthly payments.

We can help you select a plan that is right for you and your budget.  Why not find out more today about how you can start planning.


G & B offers assistance in pre-need planning, after-loss planning, funeral service planning, and a variety of insurance products to assist family members after the loss of a loved one.  Here are some brief descriptions of these services and how you can benefit from allowing G & B to help you plan ahead.

G & B is associated with Bagnell & Son offering pre-planning services, caskets, personal niches for cremations, cemetery property, monuments, tomb, vaults and benches. 





After the loss of a loved one, here are some points to discuss with your family, attorney, or executor:  filing of all insurance claims, updating bank accounts, credit card accounts and loans.  In addition, you will need to change auto and property titles, contact Social Security to change benefits or file for the death benefit, and if applicable, contacting the Veteran’s Administration and place of employment.

As a funeral service counselor, G & B can assist in obtaining additional Death Certificates, Acknowledgment Cards, and provide assistance in completing VA forms, marker selection and engraving, and grief recovery.

Social Security - The number to contact  Social Security is (800) 722-1213.  Benefits include a one-time benefit to the surviving spouse or dependent children.  If applying for benefits other than death, you may need a birth certificate and/or marriage license.

Bank Accounts - In regard to bank accounts, make a prompt request for release from each bank or financial institution in which the deceased or you held an account.  This will be necessary before you will be able to withdraw funds from that account. 

Title & Deeds - Before you can change the deed on property and removed the deceased’s name, check with local officials where the property is located.  You will need a copy of the Death Certificate for this process.  This also applies to changing titles and registrations on vehicles.

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